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Capital Drywall covers the Greater Regina area and specializes in drywall, T-Bar and taping services for both residential and commercial applications. Our teams offers comprehensive services and will also assist you with insurance work if there’s been an accident.

Whether you need assistance finishing a project or want us to tackle it from start to finish, we will be there for you. From repairing drywall holes or cracks to applying drywall finishing services, our experts are fully trained to do it all.

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Capital Drywall Complete Restoration

Complete Restoration

If you need more than just a small drywall repair, call Capital Drywall for your complete drywall restoration. Water damage can be detrimental to drywall. If you’ve had a flooded basement, busted pipe or other type of water damage, we can restore an entire area or room. Signs of drywall water damage are sagging, bulging, stains and sometimes actual collapsing of the material. In these cases, the best and most cost-effective course to take is completely replacing the affected drywall sheets.


T-Bar Installations

Mostly found in commercial buildings, T-Bar ceilings offer great versatility. These ceiling systems can be used to cover an existing ceiling without having to replace the old ceiling, which saves money and time, and is less of a disruption to everyone in the area. T-bar ceiling panels are available in standard tiles, fire-rated tiles and acoustic sound reduction panels.

Capital Drywall Complete Drywall

Complete Drywall

Capital Drywall offers repairs, finishing, and installation services for all types of drywall applications. Our team of experts use high-tech tools and have years of experience to make your home, business, or other application beautifully finished. Whether you need a small corner fixed or a large area done, our drywall construction team will get the job done completely.

Capital Drywall T Boarding


First, we will prepare the walls and ceilings using a number of techniques to correct uneven ceilings and straighten all of the corners with the aid of modern laser tools. Joint placement and joint treatment are crucial elements when boarding. The choice of fastening methods is also very important. Our boarders have the experience to understand how these processes affect the finished product down the road and take every step possible to prevent cracks.



Capital Drywall’s team is available for full scale taping services in order for your drywall project to start the proper way. Our taping is accurate, precise and smooth, which makes the applications to come much easier.

Capital Drywall Textured Ceiling Finishes

Textured Ceiling Finishes

If you want to alter the look and feel of any space, texturing options can add that extra little something that stands apart from a standard wall. We will select the right drywall texture and take into consideration the cost, ease of patching and ease of cleaning. And when the drywall texture is properly applied, it will hide flaws and repairs on the drywall and leave your walls looking new.

Capital Drywall Textured Insurance Repair Work

Insurance Repair Work

Capital Drywall will work with you and your insurance company if you’ve had an accident or damage from a fire, extreme weather or other natural disaster. We want you to have a seamless transition after a tragedy like this and our claim experts will help you through it.

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